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Hi Tess, I read about you with amazement last year. Congratulations with all you have accomplished. I love your voice. I am writing to you because I have a young friend who is battling Cystic Fibrosis. She lives in Reno, Nevada. She has been in and out of the hospital many times this past year. She is a regular at Renown Hospital in Reno. Her illness has taken a turn for the worse as of late, and she is being flown to Stanford for a surgery. She had to wait the whole week for a bed to open up for her there. She normally is a very confident young lady, just had her 13th birthday on Thursday, March 21st. She has lost a bit of her confidence and is scared. She is my daughters future sister-in-law. I was wondering if you have any words of wisdom for her. You are young like her and have fought so hard for where you are today. Milli could use some support from someone like you. Her name is Millicent Hendrix. She will be at Stanford, Palo Alto. Please contact me if this is possible. I will check with her mom, Christine Hendrix. Thanks so much, Marilyn Henriques
I did not say what my websites name was (im dumb) jordansuperpenguin.com
Hey Tess, i miss you and your family, you should check out my (really actually lame website, its got some comics i drew on it. I wanna see one of your concerts but my parents wont take me :( (they are to "busy") -Estelle
hi it is very nice to meet you i love your music you are so cool i love you you are kind of just like me because i sing and write songs with my best friend you are so cool i knew you from the show at cabrio college please please try to e mail me please at fatenayyad@hotmail.com please love ya by
Coming to your show tonight. Can't wait to see you!
Keep on going Tess! Your awsome! Your an example for everyone...most for those like me that, have health challenges. thanks!
Hi Tess. I saw you perform in santa cruz at comcast spring break. You were awesome! I was so close to catching a T-shirt. I didn't though. Im going to tell all my friends to listen to you because you're great!
Dormitory is now my new favorite song! You did such a great job with the video, and the lyrics are very real and deep, as not much are these days. That's what makes you different than everyone else. You're real. You're not afraid to pour your heart out into a song and that's what ultimately makes them so great. Keep up the amazing work, you're gonna go so far!!
:D This just made my life!! I seriosly love your music and you're a huge inspiration. Especially since I come from SC and music is my life too<3 Im totally gonna make sure all my friends know about you. And best of wishes too you. I'll be at every concert I can holding a huge sign just for you. ~Chloe<33
Hey there! I heard your interview on the radio several weeks ago - GREAT JOB! And your music is excellent, seriously. I wish you the best in your quest. Take care! -P-
HEY TESS! I'm one of the people you talked to at PWR, and I really love your music! :O Oh my gosh, you're so good! :D I really admire the way you carry yourself through life :O if only I had half your mentality. KEEP WRITING MUSIC! :D ~Eugenia
Hi Tess! Im a HUGE fan!! :)) I absolutely LOVEEE your music! you are such an insparation! You are talented, pretty and AWESOMEE! hope you do MANY more albums!!!!
Hi Tess...I was happy to see you at our home on the west side. Glad Keith brought you over. My son, Mike Adams, is close to Johann and Keith. They all played basketball.I tried to see you last night but it was sold out. I would like to see you live again. I first heard you was at Louden Nelson last year. Come by any time. Let me know where u will be next (local). Have a good life! Chris M
Hi Tess, I am so excited! Kasey's Dad and I are coming tonight!! Can't wait to see you rock the house tonight!!! XoxoSandy
Hey Tess! I was part of the small crowd at Interact PWR you performed for on the 18th. I just wanted to say how much you inspired me, you are absolutely right in every part of your speech, from the obstacles we face, and how no one can really define a normal life. I saw you at the Triple Ho show, and I have been following every video scrap of you since then, I just might be officially obsessed XD I have a playlist with just your songs on it. But your music has helped me with so much, it has such a different feel to it, it's not like the other songs I listen to at all-which is a lot, my itunes is currently at 3,298 songs! I cannot wait for your next album to be out, I have a countdown and everything going. You are so inspirational, beautiful (love what you do with your hair), honest, and overall amazing.
hi Tess, I'm your dad's cousin Stephanie. I think you are fabulous!
BOLUS! Thank you for being so successful and amazing! Just don't forget the floor of a friendly kitchen. Jeez, that sounds a lot weirder from an outsider's point of view... Anyways, Love your songs! Can't wait to get the album!
Hi Tess, 1. I am working on your letter of recommendation. 2. Merry Christmas. 3. Why do you want to change your middle names? Warmly, Larry Thibault
HiTess, I miss you so much and I love you I thought I would say hi bye!!!
you rock i love you!!
Hello! :3 Have a fantabulous day! -Colie.
Hiya Tess - found ya about a yr ago thru some of my FB friends, Friended you and track ur very cool work and very real human being (and inspired, kick-ass girl) stuff. I live over in the pit (san jose, near los gatos). I want to invite you to our Tapestry Arts Festival (www.TapestryArts.org) as a VIP and--if you wish--to do an acoustic number Sunday Sept 4th, the day after ur @ Streetlight. Sorry I can't be there but I'm president of the board of Tapestry and will be there both days. If ur interested, call/text me at 408-391-6904. you can google me too and find stuff on LinkedIn tho I don't put a lot about me on FB. My Event Director (and Board member) who's leading this is really connected in the music world, did MTV vids and much more. Cheers to you!
Your music is amazing!!!
TESS I LOVE YOU. in a completely platonic way. i can't wait for your album! :D dftba!
Hey Tess! Long time no... blog? Miss + love you like crazayyyyy!!! Nice talking to you a few days ago! You're new song is amazing and do you know if you're closer to getting on Ellen yet? *One of your biggest supporters, AVA*
I miss you guys so much. i love your new song so much
you are awesome tess!
Tess you inspire me and I love you for that and also for being such an amazing person. Keep up! Love you. Clara.
Well, even though I played in the band yesterday, I am still going to publicly leave my opinion. I think your new song "shame to see" is the best song you have done yet, and I think you ROCK! It was a total honor to play with you yesterday! You should be really proud.
Heyy. I just found out about you from a friend of mine, and i adore your music. I loved it so much that I'm going to go see you tomorrow at Warped Tour. i especially like your new song and goodbye hero. You're amazing! :) <3 Lots of love, Nora
Dearest Tessy, I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of YOU! You and the band sound great on your new song and I KNOW you'll do a great job at the Warped concert. You are such an inspiration to all who know you! Much love and a BIG hug! xo Aunt Peggy
You are amazing!! I love the upbeat, good to dance to music!
I'm going to be entirely honest, I do not like the song as much as some of your others. It feels really...common, like the same stuff everyone is doing now. It doesn't change the fact that I like it, I just don't know if I see myself buying it in the future.
Tess it's a good song. It's really nice for you to sing it. I love all your songs.
Tess, I love your voice and your new song. I have 2 kids with CF and first heard you singing on the Matt Scales "Breathe" project. Keep singing cuz you are an inspiration to my kids, especially my daughter who also is a singer! Good luck and all the best on the Warped tour!
Tess; We first heard about you through the "Breathe" page and video. You're an inspiration, especially for my daughter Kathryn (9 yrs) and my son Josiah (10), who also have CF. You're such a fighter, Tess. Way to take life by the horns! BTW, you need a great drummer, give Josiah a ring! He collects autographed drumsticks (hint, hint, hint!), just so ya know! Katie loves to sing, too, and as a family we performed "Breathe" at our own CF fundraiser "CoFfee House for a Cure" with my girl as the lead! We'll be watching for your new CD and tour. Let us know if you're heading to the Ottawa area and we'll be in the front row!
Hi Tess - love the music, love that your website works now! Allison loves your red hair because she thinks you look like Ariel:) Em and family
Tess, what an awesome song, I love it... I love to listen to you sing. Have a great day, hope everything is oing ok.
LoVe ThE NeW SoNg <3
Your best recording yet!!!!
Just had a listen on the recommendation of Josh Great stuff - my old friend Matt scales would be very proud of you
"Shame to See" is my favorite song you've ever done. I can't wait to hear more, Tess. Fantastic stuff!
Shame to See is amazing like all of your other work! You are such an inspiration and your music has helped me through so much. I can't wait to see you at Warped for a second time!
"Shame to See" is great as usual(: thanks for the music<3 loveya(: Keep it up:D
Shame to see is awesome! You're my favorite
your music is great!!!!!!! i am friends with your cousin Ava. i also play the piano. i ahve heard you right all your own music. it sounds wonderful!!!
i love your song I hope you do not mind that sing it in my cover band :) good luck for your cd and come visit us in portugal<3
Hey Tess, Just found this! Love it! My son, who is all of 10 months old, also seems to like it as he is currently smiling very widely to your singing!! Much love and stay beautiful! Pavi
I wanna kiss you so bad!
o: It didn't finish my note. Hair dye does = love. (:
I just came across your music because I was on the Warped Tour page, but you're incredible. Not just your music, but everything you're about. You're gonna go far, kid.(: Oh, and hair dye does = <3. :D
gahhhh i love your music sooo much i listen to it everyday from the time i wake up to the time i go to be i love you Tess Dunn!! <3
HEY TESS! I miss you even though i see you at school every once and a while but STILL! AHHHh i'm soooo happy for you and your music there are some people on here who really seem too love you (although i don't blame them). :) ! ! ! ! ! V
i heard your song from a boogiezone dance class when two sytycd dancers (kathryn mccormick and ellenore scott) used "silent conversations" and i had to hunt down this song because it was stuck in my head! you're amazing, keep doing what you're doing and can't wait to hear more from you in the future<3
I was looking through the Warped Tour updates and your name came up on the recently added bands/artists, someone I haven't heard of! I checked out the page, and I started looking for your music. I found several pages of them, and I haven't stopped listening to your songs. I think they are amazing, and it's some of the best music I've heard in a long time. Personally, your sound to me is extremely unique, and it has made me feel much better (since I've been down a lot lately). I think you're beautiful and amazingly talented. It's really cool to see someone my age taking such huge strides towards her dreams, despite the CF. I look forward to seeing you on Warped Tour this year and hopefully meeting you in person. Thank you for giving me a different taste to add to my playlists, and I can't wait to hear more of what you have to offer. I will try my best to get the word out about you. I wanna give you a hug too! <(^.^)> Take care, -Ian :D
I think you're absolutely amazing!
Tess i loved the concert, thank you!!!!! It was really great and i think all of my friends liked it!
hey tess i just found out about u because u were announced for warped tour im comin hope to c u ur voice sounds great
Hey, Tess! Just found your website (thanks to Sasha) and I love it!! Just signed up for your e-mail list and your concert @ Hot Topic was awesome!! I love your red flats!! And you, of course! Your website is almost as amazing as you. <3 Ava <3
Hi Tess, I've become a big fan of yours after seeing you sing in the "Breath" video! What a amazing beautiful voice you have! Dan
Hey Tess! We think that you are amazing and like the work that you do... YOU inspire us! Also, Angelica knows your brother Dylan, she is his classmate. :) For my birthday (angelica's) im getting an awesome shirt of you!
You have an amazing talent, and what your doing is great, keep up the amazing work :)
Wow! I like your music and I wish you the best.
Tess you sound amazing i miss you, but I'm stoked that you are living your dream. You are successful in whatever you go for, so dream big!!!
Tess, you are a great inspiration for me. Thanks for being a part of my life.
Hello miss Tess, i just wanted to say i love your song Goodbye Hero. The melody is great and so is your voice. I love the chorus. I heard you on the radio last night (i think it was last night anyway haha) when i was driving and youre amazing for being so young. Keep it up hun.
CF parent.....love your voice.....www.capefearredtrout.com
Great show again last night! Thanks for taking the time to sign your CDs for our girls. They were so excited! We're already looking forward to the next show ;]
Hi Tess! I saw you perform in Sausalito tonight and introduced myself backstage. You have an impressive set of pipes and your lyrics are pretty incredible for a young woman. Keep singing and keep living! Lorri
Hi Tess, Your Aunt Cullyn told us about your show in Sausalito and we are very excited to finally see you play music.We are looking forward to seeing you and your family. Your music sounds wonderful. I am very excited to see you. Love, Elaine, Matt and Andrew
Hi Tess! I work at Novartis and I heard you speak to our group today in Ft. Lauderdale...then I ran into you at CVS where my friend and I were buying snacks to supplement the skimpy cocktail party food :) Thanks again for speaking to our group, I love to hear stories of how our drugs are working for people. It makes the whole 8-5 grind worthwhile. I'm going to buy a copy of your album, but I'll buy the "hard copy" since I'm 33 and like to buy CDs instead of MP3s. (but then it's embarassing because I have to ask my husband to put songs on my ipod. oh well.) Good luck with your music, and we'll keep working hard at Novartis for you. :) Lauren
I love your site!!!!! I can't wait to see you on the 9th - :) xxoo Aunt Cullyn
Great show last night!! We really liked the new songs. We can't wait for the new recording!
Hey Tess, i love your music :]! When i first heard your music i was blown away! Then i was more blown away when i found out you were 15! Your music is so passionate, you should put your music on youtube so i can share it with my friends cause i live in wisconsin and no one uses myspace anymore. Facebook and twitter kinda killed it here xD Anyways, i would love to see your music on youtube so i can spread the word of your music here :] -Your Fan Tony V
We got you CD a week or two ago after seeing the article about you in the sentinel, and it literally lives in the player now! It's absolutely wonderful! I can't get my daughter to listen to anything else... We can't wait for you to play again!! We'll be in the front row!
wow :O your really amazing <3 i love your music && you are gorgeous. if there were moree girls like you with a dream & motivation thiss world would be a better place :) your really an inspiraton & a trooper :D
Hello Tess, My Name Is Walt. First, congratulations on your musical successes. I am also a singer/songwriter from Santa Cruz. I am currently living in the South of France. I want to call to your attention some work that is being done by research scientists and doctors, that is not commonly known or understood, regarding cystic fibrosis as well as many, many other diseases. I will not go into detail about how I have come to understand these issues, suffice to say I also suffer a debilitating disease and have developed a very inexpensive and effective therapy for myself on my own accord. There are many effective approaches to resolve these types of issues, many are less damaging to the body and less expensive than traditional western medicine approaches. I am sending you a couple of links that I think you should read regarding your disease. Keep an open mind. Doctors, as well intentioned as they can be, do not know everything. I also suggest you do your own research. Google "cystic fibrosis" and "mycotoxin". You will find a lot of information. It is very dry reading but well worth the time. If you have any questions I would be happy to help. walt_gafvert@hotmail.com Myspace.com/bubbagmusic or call me (its 9 hrs. later here) 01133468888052 (land line) 01133668332092 (cell) http://en.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/747650 , http://www.realtimelab.com/patients-mold-and-mycotoxin-information/mold-information-aspergillus I wish you well and happy. Walt
Tess, it's me Casey! Let me say that your photo on this site above is quite beautiful, you should default it! Eric and I still can't get over how amazing you were at warped tour and how pretty you looked! I totally would of baked you chocolate chip cookies but I knew I'd fail at holding them all day long ahha :) So next time I see you, I'll bring a freshly baked batch!
hey i love your music its one of my favorite songs that have come out recently i havent heard songs as good as these in a while. well i just wanted to say that your music means alot to me and my writing and i hope one day i could meet you and i wold really like to make a song with you
"you [shine] like the stars [even when its] day" hahaha just sayin', my brother mistook your voice for miley cyrus... im not sure if thats good or not (is a complement from him!)
Hey girl, it's Sydney Tobin :). We haven't spoken in forever but I miss and love you. I support you and your music and I hope to see you soon. Keep on singing beautiful!
Looks like you've hit the big time, kid! What a mark you've made for yourself! Keep on rockin'. From your biggest fan in Monterey. Warren A.
Listening from L.A. and really loving your music.
Tess! Loving the website. Thanks for being such a great advocate for us with cystic fibrosis. :D I <3 you! Looking forward to your next album! Carly
I miss you and i love you and Dan and I will be planning a trip to see you very soon :)
You rock, Tess!
Nice! I almost didn't click on the "Leave A Note" link because I didn't want the music to stop I was enjoying it so much. I love you, especially in red.
All the best wishes for your musical dreams. I too am waiting in line to purchase your next CD. Keep up the great work. You're an inspiration to more people than you know. Darrell (dad of a CF young adult)
Great website. I was recording when I was your age a few lightyears ago and I am following your career with big smiles for you and your infectious charm. Never quit!
Oh my God!!! You are so beautiful, I would put you in my shopping cart too!!
Hi Tess I love your new website. It is almost as cool as you! See you soon xoxo Adrienne
Nice website, Tess! Congrats!
Well done! Site looks great;-) Cheers! Jenn
I love you!! The website's great! Thanks for always being here for me! Love everything about you. i'm so proud of you
So awesome, perfect for you, and professional-looking (but not in the bad way)!! Congratulations on another step in your journey of becoming completely kick-ass! (You're not at Kirby anymore so I'm allowed to say 'kick-ass.') Cheers, Darcy
Tess this is fantastic! Way cool - your own site and a side project! I love your writing as well as your music. Looking forward to your next CD!
I LOVE YOU! The site turned out great =] Hope you get some good fans and famous people on here <3 LOVE YOU BABE<3<3<3<3
Nice. Now get your butt to the East Cost. :)
Tess, I just wanted to say Hi and wanted to tell you that I grew up on the beach playing Volleyball with your dad. We were friends all through HS and after. I remember when you were born...I never met you but I just wanted you to know that your music is incredible and am so proud of you!...Love, Kel
love the site. Can't wait for the album! i almost had first post but then i messed up the security code :(
AWESOME that you have your own website! Keep up the superstar-ness. Glad to be your friend, Tess!