Tess Dunn

The Year of Discovery

Tess Dunn


So we’re calling it the year of discovery
But I, I haven’t found a thing
But don’t you worry
‘Cause I’m not far behind
And I’m not trying to keep up with the times
I don’t really see the point
The new year’s ringing loud and clear

I searched the whole world to find
All the missing pieces of me
But they were already there
Not put together properly
I gave my all up and I
Hoped for something more
And even though everything’s missing
I’ve never been happier before

My eyes are tired, I stayed up all night
Couldn’t let the perfect moment pass by
But alas I’m still lonely
I’ve always been a step ahead of you
But you’re taking the lead now
Maybe it’s best that I follow
Until I figure all this out
Don’t fret, I’ll figure all this out


There’s always something missing
Can’t seem to put the pieces where they belong
But now, for once, I don’t feel incomplete
This is my year of discovery

Chorus x2