Tess Dunn

Shame to See

Tess Dunn


I remember the day we met
Something about you I couldn’t forget
It marked the start of a brand new page.
Fast forward two months to locked lips and
I’d never felt anything like this
It was you every moment of every day.

It’s a shame to see you letting go of me
Shedding our memories
You still mean everything, everything
It’s a shame to see you leave things like this
Break off all your promises
Never thought I’d see the end
It’s a shame to, it’s a shame to see

So I guess we’re strangers now
Is this really how we’re gonna let the ship go down?
How can we pretend that this is right?
I know you moved on just like that [bye]
I’m not gonna deny the facts
But can you blame me for turning a blind eye?


Congratulations, you take the title for best liar out there
Go on, accept it, it’s your big moment, you should be proud
And I’ll watch in loving memory of the man you used to be
Excuse my nostalgia, get up there, face the crowd, take a bow

Chorus x2