Tess Dunn

Scar Tissue

Tess Dunn


Why wear your favorite dress
If you’re not there to impress?
Why should I even go at all?
Why shoot me down again?
If it’s already ended
What’s the point of wishing?

And no it won’t be fine
If I can’t call you mine
It’ll never be okay
If you stand to walk away
Well I should feel ashamed
You put my love to waste
And if there’s more to say
Tell me, don’t walk away

I don’t want you to lie
Is forgetting me fine?
Could you say my name right now?
These scars are here to show
The ways you let me know
That you’ll never feel the same


If you’re happy
I am happy
Don’t forget to remember me
If you cry
I will cry
Don’t think that I still don’t care
This is only
A recording
A simple little thing
But let me know
If you’re there


Well I should feel ashamed
Well you should feel ashamed
Well we should feel ashamed
It was all just a waste
And you were just a waste
And it put my love to waste
‘Cause it was all just a waste