Tess Dunn

Goodbye Hero

Tess Dunn


Just you and me
But I’m a page ahead
You’d say I’m behind
You always contradicted statements
Just me and you
But you’re not listening
You need to hear me out
I won’t always be around

And you shone like the stars
‘Til it was day
Then you’d just
Sorta fade away
You were like a hero
‘Til it was night
You fell asleep
That’s when I saw hero die

Now you hate me
Don’t know why you do
Well I’m sorry hero
I’m over it now why aren’t you?
Now I’ve lost you
Guess you threw out my note
That apologized
For when nothing was fine


Can you hear me?
I’m calling out
Can I save you?
I see you falling out


You shone brighter than the stars
‘Til it turned to day
Then you would slowly, you’d fade away
You were my hero
‘Til it became night
You fell asleep
I saw you die

I saw hero die tonight
I saw the light leave his eyes
I saw hero die
It wasn’t a pretty sight

I kissed hero goodbye
Knowing it would be the last time