Tess Dunn

My life revolves around Shame to See.

Hey everyone!

Warped Tour is coming up in 4 days - so soon! I've been practicing with a full band, and am very excited to debut my new song, Shame to See, for the first time live!  I'm hoping you'll be there to see it, if you're available and in the area. Buy your tickets here for the Mountain View date and come see a bunch of fantastic musicians/bands play.

Also, leave me a note telling me what you think about Shame to See [out at 9pm PST, if it's still not up yet] - I want your opinions! A music video will be out in August, so be prepared for that - it's going to look amazing. But I'll keep you updated on that as well :]

I'm terrible at updating - hopefully you can forgive me and enjoy the sparse news I do put out? [Or check out my facebook, because I update that every day]

Thankyou for all the support. It means the world to me.