Tess Dunn

I'll be sitting here in Portland loving you...

You may have heard that I'm in Portland recording my third EP, "Daydreamers," this week. If so, you have heard correctly. 

I'm currently writing this blog post from the guest room of my friends' house (shout-out to Robin and Jim!) after a long day in the studio, listening to Josh Damigo's song "Portland" (which is where the title of this lovely post comes from), and finally relaxing. 

Sean Flora, the engineer, is absolutely incredible. He's extremely talented, funny, and kind. Actually, you may know of him: he's worked with acts such as The Shins and The Black Keys. And Ari Shine, who I've known for six years, is killing it, playing every instrument (except for keyboards - that's my job!), producing the entire thing, and being his usual, rad self. I'm having so much fun. I've missed this feeling.

(Ari's on the left, Sean's on the right)

We began working on the title track, and it sounds AWESOME. It's a total anthem for all daydreamers out there. It makes me happy just thinking about it. I just can't wait for you all to hear it!

Segue: YOU can be a part of the recording process if you'd like! I'm posting a few photos from the day below, but if you want to get all updates, videos, and pictures that nobody else will see, feel free to contribute to my Indiegogo campaign! In exchange for your contribution, you can receive fun perks, like riding the Giant Dipper with me, or chatting via Skype, or simply receiving a shirt and signed copy of the new EP. I'd love to have you along for the ride :]

Okay, I'm segueing out of this and to my treatment. I have another long day ahead of me - we're doing the music for Stay (which, based on what Ari and I have talked about, is going to be AMAZING) and recording the vocals for Daydreamers. I'm going to need more than 7 hours of sleep for once if I want to stay alive...

Love to you all, Darlings. I hope you join me on this adventure!

(Recording in Portland is hard work sometimes.)