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Hello, and welcome to my fancy little website-blog-thing. I love writing, so I'll most likely be entering a bunch of shnizz in here. We'll start off with the most fantastic happenings of my life - aside from the fact that I'm recording my album and have a website now. So enjoy, leave a message in my guestbook about it, etc., etc. :]

Firstly, I have a back-up band. Like, an awesomely awesome back-up band. They are quite possibly some of the coolest people you could have as a back-up band. Their names are Rory Freeman and Nico Spence.
Rory is amazing on guitar - that's why I chose him to play it. He's never had lessons, but he's a music whiz. And he can play some piano and drums. I'm jealous. We have practices at his house because it's convenient and he has his own shed. It's a magical room, I swear. He's the organized one in the band - everything is sorted out and mapped out, and he's constantly thinking one or two steps ahead.
Nico is fantastic on drums. He owns them. That's why he's my drummer, of course. He can also play piano and guitar, and I'm also jealous. He has a super loud car, you can hear it from down the street if you're waiting for him. He has glasses that make me look like Lady Gaga when I wear them. I always end up singing the only part from "Bad Romance" that I know [though Rory and I do a good rendition of the chorus from "Paparazzi" if I do say so myself].
[^^ ADD moment]
Both of these boys are my closest friends - two of my favorite people, actually. They know me better than most people do, and are around me more than most people are [I occasionally wonder how they aren't sick of me yet]. They treat me with respect, listen to my requests, and follow through.  They have helped me fulfill my wishes for my new sound [yes, I have a new sound, I'll post some videos/songs soon]. They're prepared and always up to learning something new. And they're funny - I'm laughing half the time :
Here's a photo of us together:

Secondly, I'm in a new band called Too Close For Comfort. It's a little side-project with Nico and Rory, and two other people [who just happen to be twins] - Lani [lead guitar] and Karel [bass] Roos. I am the only girl and the youngest member, but I, personally, wouldn't have it any other way. I'm the singer in it, and occasional lyricist, though the majority of the stuff is Rory's - which I'm fine with. He's an amazing songwriter. We're just finishing up writing enough stuff to begin doing gigs, and then we're off to the races! Izze Martin, my "sister," took the photos, I'll post a few below. If you'd like to listen to some of our music or see more pictures, click here.




Thirdly, I managed to get on a date on WARPED TOUR '10 [at the Shoreline Amphitheatre]! I have been dreaming about getting on and I did.
And for the record, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me throughout the way. Honestly, I wouldn't have an album out, I wouldn't be getting gigs, I wouldn't have a myspace or facebook or twitter or anything if it weren't for you guys. That's not to say I wouldn't be happy just writing in my bedroom - I would be. But you made the unreal happen for me, and it means the world to me.
I highly recommend going to this, too. There will be plenty of other bands there - check out the list by clicking here. Once you've decided you're going, you can buy tickets by clicking here.

Vans Warped Tour

Once again, thank you so much for absolutely everything.
Especially for suffering through my ADD moments.



TessYou are moving forward at warp speed,if I don't check in every couple of weeks I miss another twist and turn of your career. As I slow down, you just pick up speed and direction.I can tell you that I am so pleased to have you as part of my life. Working with you has been a big highlight of my life in music. THANKS!!!! John
"Too Close for Comfort" looks awesome! When I saw the pics of your band, the first thing I thought of was 'Paramore!'. Oh my gosh. Anyways, great job with everything! Love, Carly
Congratulations Tess! I'm so proud of you!!! What a joy to watch your career unfolding... An inspiration to us all. I think pretty soon I'll be hoping to open for YOU! I'm here routing for you all the way :-) xoxoxox
Great website. I was recording when I was your age many lightyears ago and I am really enjoying following your career. Your charm is quite infectious.
I love you, you're amazing, the only one like you in the whole world and you, Tess Dunn, are MY inspiration. Never stop no matter what, promise me that much.
Love, love, love the website. Nice job, Tess. xoxox
Tess Tess you are the best!

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